QHM Queensland Hosiery Mill

About Queensland Hosiery Mill

Queensland Hosiery Mill Pty Ltd is a fully family owned and run sock manufacturing business based in Carrara Qld.

Originally named Golden Sun Hosiery Mill Pty Ltd, it came into being in 1968. The dream of Ernest Smith, it began as a small family business run from the back of his father's garage in Southport Qld. It later moved to a small building on Industrial Ave (now Olsen Ave), Molendinar Queensland with two knitting machines and a staff of two, being Ern and his wife Marj who were together responsible for every aspect of running the business.

Over the years the business grew and with it a number of new buildings were added. The staff numbers grew too and in late 1974 Ern’s and Marj’s only son, Jim, also joined the business. By 1989 continued growth made it necessary to move and we established ourselves in a new purpose built factory in Carrara (our current premises). At this time the new business name of Queensland Hosiery Mill Pty Ltd was adopted. Also at this time the last of the original non-family shareholders were bought out and the business became fully family owned with Ern remaining managing director, his wife and son Jim directors and his two daughters also shareholders.

"Queensland Hosiery Mill Pty Ltd is a fully family owned and
run sock manufacturing business based in Carrara Qld."

In 1998 Ern retired and Jim became managing director. Using his previously gained knowledge coupled together with a strong interest in computers, Jim has brought the company into the computer age. He has also overseen some dramatic changes and led the company through some very challenging times, not the least of which was after we had a fire in January 2008. After 9 months of rebuilding to full production and another 12 months of regaining sales we were given the honour of being listed as one of Queensland’s top 400 privately owned businesses in 2009 and we have improved our position amongst this elite group every year since.

Today Queensland Hosiery Mill is a thriving business.

Ern began this business with a dream and a preparedness to do whatever it took to succeed. He wanted to build a business that revolved around his family. He can be truly proud of his achievements and we, his family, owe him and Marj a huge debt of gratitude for everything they went without in order to make this business a success.

Thanks Mum and Dad.